Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association 香港急症科護士學會


The History of Founding HKENA

Before the set up of Hong Kong Emergency Nurses Association, most of our emergency nurses are affiliated member of Hong Kong Society of Emergency Medicine and Surgery, which is an academic society formed by doctors working in A&E. Every year, the Society organized some of the related courses for A&E nurses locally.

As emergency nursing advance with time, the demand for more training in emergency nursing is so great that an independent association of emergency nurses is needed to meet and understand their demand. The set up of an emergency nurses association also facilitate the commission of nursing training courses from overseas. The association preparation committee started to work in October 2001. The committee is formed by DOM & NS of all AEDs in HA. The meetings and preparatory work were all conducted after their work hours.

Although we did not have the experience in setting up an academic society before, and a lot of difficulties encountered, we managed to set up the association in June 2002 through our collaboration and mutual understanding. During the process, a lot of help, support and encouragement from both our nursing and medical colleagues received, even some of them did not work in A&E anymore.