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Avian flu, are we prepared??

List of interesting journals reviewed

  • Campbell, S. (2006). Avian influenza: are you prepared? Nursing Standard. 21(5), 51-58.
  • Department of Health and Hospital Authority. Training Kit for Pandemic Influenza. Available at: H.A. website
  • Fabian, N. (2006). H5N1: A Special Report – What is the threat and why should the environmental health profession be concerned? Journal of Environmental Health. 68 (6) 46-63.
  • Perez, D.R., Sorrell, E.M. & Donis, R.O. (2005). Avian Influenza: An Omnipresent Pandemic Threat. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. 24(11), Supplement, S208-S216.


With the imminent threats from avian flu, it is essential that emergency nurses be equipped with the knowledge on avian flu particularly on a preventive approach. The articles and website introduced highlights you some information on avian flu from three aspects:

  1. An overview on the classification of influenza and avian flu, mode of transmission to humans, histories of influenza pandemic.
  2. Perspectives from Hospital Authority: contingency plan for outbreak of avian flu, infection control policies and principles of patient management.
  3. Perspectives from public health and the related objectives in contingency planning as well as some useful references on avian flu.

You are also welcomed to test your knowledge after reading the articles by using the assessment form in the journal. With better understanding and preparation of the avian flu, it is believed that we can combat and overcome this battle.

After reviewing the above journals, members are free to give suggestion

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