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What can be done about workplace violence in emergency department?

List of interesting journals reviewed

  • Au Yeung, L., Yuen, S.K., Ma, E., & Szeto, S. (2001). Work Place Violence. Hospital Authority Safety Manual (Chapter 7).
    Hospital Authority: Hong Kong. (Available in HA intranet).
  • Hospital Authority By-laws (Chapter 113A) section 7.
    Available at Department of Justice
  • Peek-Asa, C., Casteel, C., Allareddy, V., Nocera, M., Goldmarcher, S., Ohagan, E., Blando, J., Valiante, D., Gillen, M., & Harrison, R. (2007).
    Workplace violence prevention pograms in hospital emergency departments. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 49(7), 756-763.
  • Whelan, T. (2008). The escalating trend of violence toward nurses. Journal of Emergency Nursing. 34, 130-134.


The above journal articles have given an overview of the phenomenon of workplace violence and possible preventive measures such as security, incident reporting, and training programs.

Workplace violence not only disturbs the operation of the department, but alsoposes threat to staff. What are the roles of employers, supervisors and employees in dealing with the issue of workplace violence? The Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (Chapter 509), which was summarized in the HA Safety Manual, has laid down some legal duties worthy of notice.

Proper knowledge and usage of our legal rights and responsibilities in prevention of violence is also key to the success of zero tolerance of workplace violence.

After all, proper staff training, work environment enhancement, collaboration with security department and police, and regular evaluation is indispensable.

After reviewing the above articles, members are free to give suggestion.

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