Council Members of
2021 – 2024

President Ms. SZETO Yim Ping 司徒艷萍
Vice President Mr. LEUNG Chun Pong 梁振邦
Honorary Secretary Ms. LEUNG Shun Wah, Ava 梁舜華
Vice Honorary Secretary Mr. CHAN Yuk Wing, William 陳旭榮
Honorary Treasurer Mr. WONG Chi Yip 黃智業
Vice Honorary Treasurer Mr. CHU Kar Lun, Kevin 朱嘉麟
Chairman of Training & Development Committee Dr. CHEUNG Kai Yeung 張啟陽
Vice Chairperson of Training & Development Committee Dr. YUEN Suk Yin, Margaret 袁淑賢
Welfare Officer Ms. CHEN Nga Kwan 陳雅君
Public Affairs Officer Ms. CHAN Yee Fun, Canmy 陳綺芬
Council Member Ms. CHAN Siu Kau 陳少逑
Council Member Mr. CHAN Yiu Kwan 陳燿錕
Council Member Ms. CHENG Siu Ching 鄭少青
Council Member Ms. CHENG Wai Yi 鄭惠怡
Council Member Ms. HUI Tin Man 許天敏
Council Member Ms. LEUNG Po Shan, Melissa 梁寶珊
Council Member Mr. NG Man Keung 吳敏強
Council Member Mr. POON Wai Man 潘偉文
Council Member Mr. WU Ho Ming 胡浩銘
Council Member Mr. YEUNG Ming Kit 楊銘杰
Council Member Ms. YIP Mable 葉美寶
Council Member Ms. YUEN Wing Mei 阮泳薇